Newness for 2013

So, I guess when Rachel McKibbens and Buddy Wakefield ask you to do poems, you get your ass back in the poetry game.  (Name drop: BOOM!)

A few exciting updates:

  • “Teacher Meg” has become a cast member for the Encyclopedia Show Somerville.  I have performed in two shows so far, and I will be switching off with Chef Bro for future shows.  The two I have done have been a roaring success, and I’m super excited for upcoming collaborations.
  • I will be reading some poems in Rochester as part of Rachel’s Poetry and Pie series.  I was super hesitant about it, but I have a game plan now and am starting to get pretty excited.
  • My super-awesome boyfriend is part of the collective re-opening the Columbus Theatre.  We are trying out our first spoken word event: Buddy Wakefield with special guests Laura Brown-Lavoie and Eamon Mahoney.  I’m super, super excited.  (Did I mention I get to host it?)  You can buy your tickets here.
  • I’ll be at this year’s Women of the World competition, hosting and being awesome.

I hope that everyone brought in the new year with style and is super psyched for 2013!

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Summer Update

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long!  A few quick highlights from the spring and summer:

  • I taught an awesome poetry/spoken word/ emotional literacy unit in the spring that included studying a variety of modern, published spoken word poets.  It was a really solid unit, and I was so happy to be able to give students an opportunity to connect with poetry and the poets themselves.  At the end, many of them e-mailed their poets, and it was great to see the dialogue that developed.
  • Providence hosted its third annual Regional Decathlon slam, my favorite slam of the year.  It was Lowell vs. Providence in a head-to-head battle where every audience member got to vote every round.  There was a pinata, poems inspired by the Occupy movement, impromptu group pieces, and some amazing chubby bunny haikus.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the year, and I’m so glad to share it with the poetry community every year.
  • I attended the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I hosted a TON of bouts and got to take in some great poetry.  I spent every morning at the pool and ate tons of BBQ.  Who could ask for anything more?
  • And while we’re at it: congratulations New Orleans.  Super well-deserved victory.
  • I participated in the Word X Word Festival in Pittsfield, MA again this year.  I was the fact checker for the Encyclopedia Show, hosted a slam, and generally had the opportunity to share my work with western MA and have a chance to hang out with some of my favorite poets and people in the world.  It was a rejuvenating experience, and I am so grateful to be included again this year.
  • I had a poem published in The Bakery.  Check it out here.
  • I am excited for my writing self to come out of my year-long hiatus.  I’ve started writing again, putting together a great slam season at Prov Slam , and preparing for NaNoWriMo in November.  Also, I will be performing in Encyclopedia Show Somerville in October, which I’m particularly excited about.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer.  I have a soft spot in my heart for fall–for cider, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, and all other things pumpkin–and am excited to pull out my sweaters and curl up with my computer to do work.

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Dirty Gerund/Bowery Poetry Club

I never posted about our Dirty Gerund feature and my night at the Bowery Poetry Club!

1) Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA

I perform at the Dirty Gerund fairly regularly (but probably not as much as I should), and I have featured there before.  That said, what made the night special was sharing the feature with my boyfriend Tom Weyman.  Tom owns the record label Supply & Demand, and it quite the musician in his own right.  He doesn’t perform much these days, and this was his first feature in years.  Our house was full of music in the days leading up to the feature, and a lot of people came out to see him.  It was a great set and super awesome to see.

Highlights for me included getting to do some of my group pieces, including my zombie poem with Nick and the poem Tom wrote about our dog and our cat as well as a few haiku about Erotic Photo Hunt written just for the Gerund, celebrating one of my favorite pass times.

2)  Urbana Slam at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC

As I mentioned in a previous post, I adore the Urbana Slam and the Bowery Poetry Club.  We spent the day in NYC and ate at the original Veselka.  My Wordshop went well, and I had a great set as well.  (Taylor said it was “very Urbany”–something I take as a very high compliment.)  I brought a few Cristin and Shappy masks–see above–for they have moved to Austin, and while the Bowery is still full of people that I love, Shap and Cristin will always be strongly connected with the venue and will be missed every time I visit.  Jon was a stunning host who gave me one of my favorite intros ever with the help of James Meranda (there was a lot of chair standing).  Afterwards, we went to the NEW Veselka right across the street from the Bowery, and it was even more delicious than the first.

Thank you to the organizers and hosts of both of these shows.  They are two of my favorite venues in the nation, and it was such an honor to perform these two shows–totally worth coming out of poetry hibernation.  THANK YOU to everyone involved.


In addition to bouts and the Decathlon, I will also be hosting the Encyclopedia Show.  YEA!

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Follow-Up to the New York Times Article and WOWPS update

After seeing the NYT article, a journalist at my college e-mailed me about doing an article.  You can read it here.

Also, the Providence Poetry Slam Women of the World qualifier was last week.  There was some mighty competition, but Franny Choi and I rose to the top of the pack, ending the the night in a tie.  After four rounds of poems, we did a quick coin toss and one more round of three-minute poems for the title.  Franny walked away with the spot, which I couldn’t be happier about.  After a CRAZY NPS of having my hands in everything, I’m super excited to go and have some fun.  I’ll hopefully be hosting and running a few bouts, AND I’ve been asked to host the Decathlon Slam.  If you know anything about me, it is safe to assume I almost started crying when Suzi asked me.  It is truly an honor.  So no more cards for me ladies and gents; I’m going pro.  Expect the Decathlon to be taken to a whole new level.

See you in Denver in March!

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New York Times Write-Up

Awesome write-up in the New York Times about the Aim for the Head anthology.  My haiku is quoted in the article.  Great way to start off the new year.

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NaNoWriMo and Upcoming Shows

I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this November.  I’ve done it three times before, shooting for 50,000 words but never cracking 40,000.  Even better, all of my tenth graders are doing it with me, which has been an exciting and impressive journey to watch.

I have been cutting back on shows, but I have two coming up that I’m very excited about.  On Monday, November 28, I’ll be performing at The Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA.  One of the prizes of being crowned Miss Dirty Gerund is a feature, but what makes this extra special is that my boyfriend Tom Weyman (or “the honorary Mr. Dirty Gerund” as Alex said) of Supply and Demand Records is going to be the musical guest.  It’s his first solo show in two years, and I’m really, really excited to have this opportunity to do a show with him.  (I think I can hear him practicing upstairs right now!)

The next night, I’ll be heading to New York to feature at the Urbana Slam at the Bowery Poetry Club.  There are many AMAZING readings in New York City, but I’ve always felt a special connection to the Urbana Slam.  It’s a HUGE honor to get to feature as well as to participate in their Wordshop speaker program before the slam.  Toying with the idea of bringing with a few cardboard cut-outs too . . .

Hope to see you at one of those shows!

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Fall in New England

1) So, uh, Providence took third at the National Poetry Slam.  As a member of the team, slammaster of Providence, and tournament staff member: I could not be more proud.  One day, I will write of the epicness that was our 2011 journey.  One day.

2) Oh, and did I mention I’m the 2011 Miss Dirty Gerund!?  Don’t believe me?  Check this out:

3) I am taking it really this easy this fall as I start my new job at a new school.  I am sneaking in a few shows.  Tonight I will be performing with the team at the Providence Poetry Slam at AS220 at 8pm.  On Saturday, I’ll be in Worcester for a Zombie Reading.  And next Wednesday, I will be in Boston at the Cantab Lounge for the first ever BEER SLAM.

4)  Speaking of zombies: I have some dirty, dirty zombie haikus in Write Bloody’s new anthology Aim for the Head, which will be available very, very soon.  You can buy it at the reading on Saturday or here.

I love you all very, very much.  Don’t mind me while I hibernate.  I’m busy being in love, working hard, nesting in my new home, and thinking hard about where my poetry leads me next.  I’ll be in touch soon.  Promise.

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